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The perfect place for your celebration

Space for celebration

We specialize in organizing children’s birthday parties and christenings, with over 1.000 organized events.

Perfect ambiance

In addition to the activities for children, we also focus on our adult guests so that they can enjoy every detail of the celebration.

Impeccable service

We’re very proud of our food and beverage offer, and rich buffet. Our staff will make sure everything runs smoothly.

Your favorite place

Why choose us

Luxurious interior and customized offers

In Akvarel restaurant, we’re dedicated to the art of making children’s birthday parties magical. Our passion for organizing unforgettable events is our biggest motivation. With refined taste and attention to detail, our expert team creates celebrations that your children and guests will never forget.

Our mission is to provide quality and elegance in every aspect of the organization, from the menu to the children’s entertainment. Akvarel is a place where birthday wishes come true, giving children and their families birthdays to remember.

Our mission

Our mission is to create unforgettable moments for children and their families, by providing flawless service and making tasteful meals, in elegant and luxurious surroundings. We’re dedicated to making every celebration into a fairy tale and contributing to the happiness of the youngest ones.

Our vision

We strive to continuously improve our services, by following trends and innovations, to achieve high standards and quality, and become a synonym for luxurious celebrations.

Our satisfied clients

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