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Birthday parties with style

In Akvarel, we are dedicated to making magic and children’s birthday parties you will never forget. Our motivation is the wide smiles of your little ones, and your contentment. Our team has an eye for details and will ensure that every celebration or special occasion radiates with style and fun, that your children and guests will remember.

Our mission is to deliver quality and ease of organization, from the menu to decoration. Akvarel is where birthday wishes come true!

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We’ve organized over 1,000 celebrations at our other restaurant Sweet & Salty, so we know how to create the perfect celebration for you.

1. Perfect ambiance

2. Rich buffet

3. Professional animators


Magical moments at Akvarel

We selected a small part of the magical moments from the many birthdays we celebrated together.

In our gallery, you can see the most beautiful moments and feel a part of the joyful atmosphere shared with us by our guests. From the cheerful smiles of the little ones to the admiration of their parents, these pictures testify to the unique parties that we have organized in Akvarel so far.

Our mission is to make every celebration unique, magical, and unforgettably fun!

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